The Redback Room

Welcome to THE REDBACK ROOM. Join host Kyla Lee Ward as she spends an hour every second month with the best established and emerging horror and dark fiction writers in Australasia. Guests will read a small sample of their work, and chat about their methods, influences, fears and anything else Kyla can draw out of them.

The Redback Room is a live Zoom event presented by the AHWA. Current AHWA Members will be able to watch the live broadcast and ask questions during the Q&A. Each session will be recorded and posted to the AHWA YouTube channel after broadcast, where it will live on in perpetuity for the viewing masses.

We hope you’ll join Kyla and her victims guests every time we creak open the door of The Redback Room. Watch the AHWA social pages for updates!

See below for a list of past and upcoming guests. As each episode is uploaded to YouTube, it will be embedded here, with upcoming guests listed below.

The Redback Room Guestlist:

EPISODE 1: Sunday June 6th 2021, 3pm AEST: Alan Baxter and Kaaron Warren

EPISODE 2: Sunday August 1st, 3pm AEST: Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts

EPISODE 3: Sunday October 10th, 3pm AEST: Angela Slatter and Kirstyn McDermott

Future guests to be announced – watch this space!

Presented by the AHWA, with host Kyla Lee Ward. Stage manager is Nathan Phillips.