Horror Fiction Markets – Australia and New Zealand

In an effort to assist members with finding markets for their fiction, the AHWA has compiled a working list of known Australasian dark fiction publishers, journals and magazines. Note: This is simply a directory of publishers. We encourage you to do your own research before submitting to any publisher. Information has been gathered directly from the publishers’ websites.

Aurealis Magazinehttps://aurealis.com.au/submissions/ Accepts horror of a high standard. Read previous issues if needing a guide.

GrimDark Magazine – email before submitting here, an on again off again on again market for the last few years. https://www.grimdarkmagazine.com/

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine – supernatural horror. Has submissions times so please check their guidelines for when these are open. https://andromedaspaceways.com/submissions-manager/

While AntiSF states it is an SF market, it also does publish flash Horror. Not paying, but this small press has been a great sounding board for almost two decades.  https://www.antisf.com.au/submission-guidelines

Midnight Echo, The magazine of the Australasian Horror Writers Association – https://australasianhorror.wordpress.com/midnight-echo/

Cohesion Press anthology series. When they open it is usually for a short time so you need to make sure you are ready to go with your writing. This is military gung ho horror fiction which has to be well executed to get past the first readers. An always watch this space publisher – https://cohesionpress.com/snafu-submissions/

Severed Press has a strong history and one that would serve any writer who is good enough to land a deal with them. http://www.severedpress.com/submissions/

IFWG Publishing Australia is very select in what it commits to so read their site carefully and even get some of the titles they have produced. Currently closed but sometimes opens for anthology call outs. https://ifwgaustralia.com/

P’rea Press is dedicated to publishing genre poetry and non-fiction, and is a paying publisher. P’rea aims at creating a new Australian tradition. Genre poetry includes weird, macabre, fantastic, supernatural, fantasy, speculative, science fictional, and other themes of strangeness, in traditional forms and metres. Unsolicited manuscripts welcome along P’rea website guidelines. Formalist poetry and traditional forms preferred. Send four to six samples through website http://www.preapress.com/

Bloomsbury Australia. Professional publisher. May require an agent for submissions. Do not blind submit to this market as the work will be deleted unanswered. https://www.bloomsbury.com/au/company/contact-us/

Hachette is a big town publisher with exacting needs. Only ever send your absolute best in as and be professional at all times. https://www.hachette.com.au/submissions/

Allen and Unwin (also distributes Bloomsbury titles in Australia and New Zealand) May require an agent. https://www.allenandunwin.com/contact-us

Text Publishing is professional mid-press company delivering high-quality fiction. While they are open to Horror submissions please study their site and some of their horror titles. They do not do slasher/splatter or vampire esc. https://www.textpublishing.com.au/manuscript-submissions

Tenth Street Press is a small independent group and while they do not specify Horror they are also not averse to it either. Royalty setup. http://www.tenthstreetpress.com/submissions.html

Things In the Well Publications is the publications arm (or tentacle?) of Oz Horror Con, which was established in 2012. https://thingsinthewell.webs.com/

Pan McMillan is a major publisher in Australia. They have a manuscript Monday submission window. https://www.panmacmillan.com.au/manuscript-monday/

Ticonderoga Publications is an Australian independent publishing house founded by Russell B. Farr in 1996. The publisher specialises in collections of science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories. http://ticonderogapublications.com/web/index.php

Specul8 Publishing Based in Rockhampton, QLD. Publishes all manner of spec-fic, including horror. Publishes the journal Specul8, at least once a year and other anthologies. http://www.cobblestonescribe.com/specul8/

Fantastica is the speculative fiction imprint for Brio Books. “We are the nerdy side who loves everything from hard SF to fantasy, weird fiction to alternative universes.” https://briobooks.com.au/fantastica/

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