Australian Shadows Awards 2017 – President’s speech

It’s become a bit of a bad habit for me to not attend awards ceremonies, so again I can only apologise for not being here at the Shadows Awards tonight.

To the nominees who couldn’t attend either, I know how you feel in that respect, but you should all feel proud to be finalists in the Australian Shadows Awards for 2017.

To those who have come along to our first-ever Shadows Awards ceremony, I say thank you. We’ve put this event together not only to recognise the best of Australasia’s horror talent, but also highlight just how amazing the horror community is.

These awards were judged by fellow members who volunteered their time to read dozens and dozens of stories in a fairly short space of time. This is only one of the examples of just how dedicated our members are to the success of the genre. Thank you to the judges.

I’d also like to thank the organisers of the Continuum Convention for allowing us to host our little event on their turf. We truly appreciate the gesture.

To the AHWA Committee, particularly Secretary and Shadows Co-ordinator Joseph Ashley-Smith (the chap reading this) and General Member Silvia Brown thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes to make this ceremony happen.

Best of luck to all the finalists!

Greg Chapman
President, AHWA

Australian Shadows Awards 2017 shortlists

It is with great pleasure – and with thanks to the judges in all categories – that we announce the shortlists for the Australian Shadows Awards 2017.

Selected from 183 works submitted across 7 categories, these shortlists represent the very best in the field of horror and dark fiction (and non-fiction) by an Australasian author in 2017. Winners will be announced on Saturday 9 June, at the first live Australian Shadows Awards ceremony, kindly hosted by Continuum XIV: Conjugation.

And the shortlistees are…

The Rocky Wood Award for Non-Fiction and Criticism

  • 101 Weird Writers #46 – Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Kat Clay. (Weird Fiction Review)
  • Literary Serial Killer Fiction: The Evolution of a Genre, William Cook. (Victoria University, Wellington NZ)
  • The Body Horror Book, Claire Fitzpatrick. (Oscillate Wildly Press)
  • It Follows is the Millennial STD Parable of Our Time, Maria Lewis. (SBS)
  • A Shared Ambition: Horror Writers in Horror Fiction, Kyla Lee Ward. (AHWA, Midnight Echo #12)

Best Written Work in a Comic/Graphic Novel

No Award.

Best Edited Work

  • Midnight Echo #12, Shane Jiraiya Cummings & Anthony P Ferguson. (AHWA)
  • Below the Stairs – Tales from the Cellar, Steven Dillon. (Things in the Well)
  • Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 1, Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira & Bryce Stevens. (IFWG Publishing)

Best Collected Work

  • Singing My Sister Down and Other Stories, Margo Lanagan. (Allen & Unwin)
  • Perfect Little Stitches and Other Stories, Deborah Sheldon. (IFWG Publishing)

Short Fiction

  • Outside a Drifter, Lisa L. Hannett. (Looming Low Vol.1, Dim Shores Press)
  • The Hand Walker, Rue Karney. (Pacific Monsters, Fox Spirit Press)
  • The Circle Line, Martin Livings. (Between the Tracks, Things in the Well)
  • The Banksia Boys, Matthew J Morrison. (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #66)
  • The Little Mermaid, in Passing, Angela Slatter. (The Review of Australian Fiction, April 2017)
  • The Big Reveal, David Stevens. (Kaleidotrope)

The Paul Haines Award for Long Fiction

  • Ismail’s Expulsion, Brian Craddock. (Between the Tracks, Things in the Well)
  • Hope and Walker, Andrew Cull. (Vermillion2One)
  • This Impossible Gift, Matthew R Davis. (Midnight Echo #12, AHWA)
  • No Good Deed, Angela Slatter. (New Fears, Titan Books)
  • Furtherest, Kaaron Warren. (Dark Screams Vol.7, Cemetery Dance)
  • Eden in the End, Ashlee Scheuerman. (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing)

Best Novel

  • Aletheia, J.S. Breukelaar. (Crystal Lake Publishing)
  • Slithers, W.W. Mortensen. (Self Published)
  • Soon, Lois Murphy. (Transit Lounge)
  • Corpselight (Verity Fassbinder Book 2), Angela Slatter. (Jo Fletcher Books)
  • Providence Place, Matthew Tait. (Dark Crib Publications)